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Our Approach

Your life and story are uniquely yours. We’ll begin by spending time getting to know your unique story and what drives you – your core values, your objectives and your why.

Our strategies and services are always aligned to your values and vision. By breaking your objectives into tangible goals, we can work together to achieve your desired outcomes. It’s your life, your time.

We will educate, coach and mentor you through each process and celebrate each win. We aim to maintain flexibility in our services to help you navigate any unexpected changes or challenges that may arise.

At Essense Wealth, we like to keep it real. We won’t overwhelm you with financial jargon and boring industry terms. Rather, we offer plain English advice that’s easy to understand, so you’ll always feel confident and in control of the process.

As our client, we will provide you with access to leading edge technologies that offer real-time analysis and enable you to track and monitor your entire financial plan.

A business meeting

Our Process

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”
― Mark Twain

Introductory Chat

Our initial consultation focuses on understanding your needs and motivations for seeking advice. We will uncover your why and your vision, answer any burning questions, and let you know what to expect moving forwards. Once booked, you will receive a confirmation email and text message with information on how to prepare for this session. (15-30mins)

Discovery Session – It’s all about you!

Our discovery session is all about getting to know you. We’ll focus on clarifying your core values and understanding your why – the higher purpose that drives and motivates you. We will explore your vision of life in the future and what’s important right now. This session allows us to formulate personal advice and guidance and provides the framework for future financial decisions. (up to 2 hours)

We will arrange a second meeting to provide you with a personalised proposal, confirming the services and fees involved and next steps. (30 mins)

Your Financial Roadmap

This session is where the rubber hits the road. We will workshop solutions using your financial resources to protect, create and plan towards your future objectives and improve your financial wellbeing. Together, we will explore strategies and services that will help you achieve your goals. Sparing you the boring financial jargon, we’ll talk you through any tricky concepts to ensure you fully understand your options. (up to 90 mins)

Once you are happy with the strategies discussed, we will commence our work by conducting further research and financial analysis specifically catered to your individual needs and circumstances and outlines our recommendations and the reasoning behind them in a formal document called a Statement of Advice. (up to 6 weeks)

Recommendation and Implementation Period

We’ll meet again to formally present our recommendations, explaining the Statement of Advice as well as the financial and practical benefits of our recommendations. (1 hour)

During the recommendation and implementation period, we will work on getting your finances organised in line with your selected strategy. This can take some time, but rest assured we will be working hard behind the scenes to help make this happen for you and will keep you updated throughout the process. (up to 12 weeks)

Further Advice and Guidance

Once your finances are on track, you can opt to receive further advice and guidance from us. This will include coaching and assistance with new strategies when required, as you continue to work towards your future vision. We will become your trusted financial partner as you navigate life’s journey, whether this entails managing cashflow and budgeting, analysing and reducing debt, purchasing your first or your next investment, or simply providing security for family and loved ones.

"Mina is an exceptionally knowledgeable and dedicated professional. We had never engaged a financial advisor previously and Mina was recommended to us by friends.

We found Mina immeasurably helpful in navigating our financial situation. Mina was helpful in guiding us to search for the perfect investment property. Her words of wisdom stuck in my mind: “cast your net deep and wide”. Mina promoted us to think ‘outside the box’ with confidence.

Mina is very, very knowledgeable in all aspects of superannuation. We were able to consolidate our super and feel our choice was perfect for us. With the constant changing laws

we were confident in following Mina’s very informed advice.

We found Mina very easy to communicate our concerns and felt comfortable asking a myriad of questions.

We highly recommend Mina should you require expert advice, peace of mind and stress free financial decision making.

We will definitely consult Mina regularly as her knowledge and direction is invaluable ."

Verica, Middle Park, VIC

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