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"It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for." -Robert Kiyosaki

Managing your finances can be tricky, especially when there are multiple accounts and financial areas to keep track of. Essense Wealth Portal is our innovative client portal that allows you to manage all your financial affairs on one platform.

This secure portal allows you to set budgets and track your cashflow in real time. You can monitor your bank accounts, properties, vehicles, superannuation, and investments. You can also sign and store important financial documents, such as wills, tax documents and insurance policies.

You can access Essense Wealth Portal on your desktop or on your phone via the mobile app.


Organise Your Finance

Consolidate and organise your entire financial life in one place. Set and receive notifications, and use the handy calculator to establish and achieve your savings goals. You can monitor all your financial accounts and assets, keep copies of important documents, and watch your wealth grow.

Track and Manage Your Spending

The portal’s handy budgeting and cashflow management features make it easy for you to see where your money is going, establish a realistic budget, and set spending limits where required.

Reach Your Goals Faster

Perhaps you’d like to buy your first home, pay off your mortgage, retire early, or take a year off to travel the world. Your financial goals are as unique as you are – but whatever goals you have, the portal can help you reach them.

Manage Your Properties

Keep tabs on your investment properties by asking your property manager to integrate your property to the portal, so you’ll have easy access to all your property transactions, documents and receipts.

Make Tax Time a Breeze

Upload receipts and documents, tag and filter relevant transactions, and provide access to your accountant to help keep your end-of-financial-year easy and stress free.

Store it all in one place

Sign then store your documents in the cloud for easy access. Your data is secure and you can enable multifactor authentication on your wealth portal for further peace of mind.

Meet and Collaborate Online

Virtual meeting rooms provide the perfect space to collaborate with your adviser and share information online, creating a more convenient and flexible alternative to meeting in the office.

Digital Signatures

The digital signatures feature enables you to sign documents electronically and store them securely within the portal for easy access and peace of mind in knowing your important information is safe.

All Your Finances at Your Fingertips

Store all your financial information in one place for easy access at any time, via the website or mobile app. View and monitor your financial position in real time, ensuring you always have oversight and control over your money.


Want to use our Wealth Portal?

All clients of Essense Wealth who are on one of our annual service packages will automatically receive full access to the portal.

If you’re not yet a client of ours, that’s okay! We can offer you a free trial to get you acquainted with all the portal’s amazing features. Then, if you’d like to retain access to the portal’s live data feeds to manage your finances, we can offer you a stand-alone subscription for just $24.95 per month.

Subscription payments can be made either by debit card or credit card via Square secure online payment system. Once you have signed up, you will receive a welcome email from Essense Wealth with guidance on getting started. Future monthly payments will be automatically debited to your nominated payment method.

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